Business Growth

Helping businesses throughout the uk
to grow & thrive

Business Growth Seminars were created by James Sinclair to help UK business owners soar to success, achieve what they want within their businesses and reap the rewards for themselves and their families.

During James’s business journey from party entertainer to multi-business owner, generating over £10 million of annual sales and employing over 400 people, he experienced how difficult it was to access people who genuinely know how to grow businesses rapidly AND sustainably.

And those who did charged £1000’s an hour in consulting fees.

Which meant that there were lots of business owners who genuinely wanted to grow their businesses sustainably, but weren’t able to shell out thousands of pounds to a business coach or consultant to help them along the way.

James uses his online presence on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instragram to provide practical and actionable advice and expertise for entrepreneurs all over the UK.


A little Breakdown:

  • 300+ YouTube videos…
  • Businesses helped ranging from plasterers to estate agents
  • Weekly and monthly content including video, seminars and much more

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